Three Kingdoms Truce Cheat APK MOD Free Download

Three Kingdoms Truce Cheat APK MOD Free Download

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Three Kingdoms Truce is a well known Strategy internet gaming that are available that is published by huan you zhe. This company build lot of great games. Assuming you are a fan of Strategy Games, I believe you will definitely like playing this Three Kingdoms Truce fantastic game.
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Three Kingdoms Truce - An Overview

Highly restore the real battle of the Three Kingdoms, famous ministers and military officers will help you realize the Three Kingdoms with millions of warm-blooded soldiers!
Unlike dynasty legends or rise of civilizations,we created new ways of play, the three Kingdoms'mind-wandering works, familiar feeling, different perfect experience! Who dominates the ups and downs of the three troubled countries? Where is the heroic ambition sprinkled? Wind and cloud surge, following the "Three Kingdoms Truce" across to become a hegemony!

1.The original national style music is in line with the grand historical mood
In order to make the historical atmosphere of the game more profound, the development team designed different national background music for the login interface, game interface and battle scene of 《Three Kingdoms Truce》 with big drum, Xiao, guqin, pipa, horn and vigorous male harmony, so that the players could feel the emptiness, desolation and desolation of the ancient battlefield.

2.Chinese style architecture, with fine polish and sincerity
The game architecture inherits the Chinese classical architectural aesthetics, and the original map color is bright, clean and atmospheric; the city modeling is exquisite, elegant and beautiful, which is a typical Chinese traditional style.

3.Ingenious visual design makes 3D martial art unique
Compared with the characters displayed with 2D cards in the regular Three Kingdoms games like 《三國殺》, the exquisite 3D military general shape created by the 《Three Kingdoms Truce》 will definitely brighten everyone's eyes.

4.Different dubbing styles of military generals
In order to make the heavy historical theme game full and fresh, the developer team designed a set of different style voice over for the game characters.

5.Game planning adds advanced generals and fortresses to the force system. To obtain senior generals, you need to occupy the corresponding senior City, and the city disputes will become more and more fierce. The presence of the faction fortress will make the faction members more concentrated in the map to gain buff within the scope of the fortress.

6.《Three Kingdoms Truce》 has built-in Arena of valor,Hall of fame, the level challenge, escort chariot, relic exploration and other leisure play moods. Hall of fame and level challenge belong to PVE game of replica, which tests players' arrangement before war and flexibility in wartime like king of avalon; escort cart is divided into single escort and Force Escort, and rich rewards can be obtained after cooperation.

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