Nocturne of Nightmares:Romance Otome Game Cheat APK MOD Download 1.0.0

Nocturne of Nightmares:Romance Otome Game Cheat APK MOD Download 1.0.0

Nocturne of Nightmares:Romance Otome Game 1.0.0 screenshots 1

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Nocturne of Nightmares:Romance Otome Game - An Overview

You’re a young woman whose childhood was always a blur for some reason. No matter how hard you try, you can never quite remember it.

One day after falling into a deep sleep, you wake up terrified in a dark, creepy world. But you’re not alone. You find yourself trapped in this nightmare world along with a few attractive strangers. Yet, they all seem vaguely familiar. Who are these guys? And why does your heart hurt so badly when you look at them, especially Licht?

However, there’s no time to think about that when heart-wrenching apparitions of childhood begin suddenly appearing one after the other. But, before you can even process what is appearing in front of your eyes, a hideous monster shows up out of nowhere. It’s dead set to destroy you. Yet, strangely...even the monster seems to be suffering. What could this mean?

You run for your life scared and confused. Before you can unravel these mysteries, you wake up in a cold sweat. Only for the cycle to repeat itself every night when the bell tolls ten. What is going on? Why is this happening?

You agree to meet those strangely familiar young men in the real world to figure out a way to stop the cycle. It seems the nightmares are somehow connected to your shrouded past. Unfortunately, you also find out that if you die in the nightmare die in the real world.

Will you survive the night? Will you solve the mystery? Can you put an end to this life-threatening cycle of nightmares? Or will you be forever tormented by your past? Ready or not, embark on an emotional journey of self-discovery, friendship, love, and survival!


The first one you meet in the nightmare, calm and calculating Subaru seems distant and withdrawn. His distinctive red and blue heterochromia has you inexplicably enchanted, yet he seems to be ashamed of his red eye for some reason. Could he be hiding something?

The self-asserted leader when you meet in the nightmare world, Ray comes off as cold and bossy. Always the voice of reason, the medical student has low tolerance for nonsense. But, perhaps there is a softer side to him? What could he be hiding under that gruff exterior?

The most mysterious of the bunch, Licht calls you by name when you meet him in the nightmare world, but you’ve never met him before. Have you? You can never seem to find him in the real world. Why does just the sight of him make your heart ache and your eyes water? You both feel a strange connection and familiarity with each but can’t explain it. Could Licht be the key to solving the mystery of the nightmares?

Always the life of the party (even in life or death situations), Thoma is lighthearted and constantly cracking jokes. Everything feels a whole lot better with him around. But he sure does have a way of getting under Ray’s skin for some reason. Could someone that cheerful and optimistic be harboring dark secrets?

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