Download MonsterTrader Cheat APK MOD

Download MonsterTrader Cheat APK MOD

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MonsterTrader 1.0.3 screenshots 1

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MonsterTrader 1.0.3 screenshots 1


This MonsterTrader Cheat code is for the purpose of education only. Under no circumstances do we tolerate cheating or hacking. Responsible users may use this MonsterTrader resources generator at their own discretion. We take no responsibility regarding the actions of all user of this MonsterTrader Resources generator.

MonsterTrader 1.0.3 - An Overview

“Monster Trader” is a fine inflation game that strengthens the Demon King Army with earned coins.

Purchase (summon) monsters at the current price and battle with heroes.
Strengthen the Demon King Army with coins obtained from the brave.
Aim for the goal stage while selling and buying monsters according to the situation.

[Selling point]
・ It ’s fun like a clicker game where the more you do it, the more efficient you get coins!
・ There are many unique monsters with roles such as attack, assistance and recovery, and there are plenty of choices when playing!
-Compete for strategy by online ranking support by time attack!
20191218 ver1.0.3
- Added give-up to options
20191216 ver1.0.2
- Add stage
- Game balance adjustment
20191215 ver1.0.1
- UI modification
20191213 ver1.0.0
- Release
20191209 ver0.0.1
- Beta version release

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