Free Download M_O_G the escape 2 Free Cheat APK MOD

Free Download M_O_G the escape 2 Free Cheat APK MOD

M_O_G the escape 2 Free 3.2.0 screenshots 1

Download M_O_G the escape 2 Free online hack tool APK MOD

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M_O_G the escape 2 Free 3.2.0 screenshots 2
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M_O_G the escape 2 Free is one of the most favorite Strategy game that are available that is published by Dusts. This company create lot of great games. For those that are a fan of Strategy Gaming apps, I know there is no doubt that you will like playing this M_O_G the escape 2 Free remarkable game.

M_O_G the escape 2 Free - An Overview

The M_O_G Escape Game is an adventure game, in which you the player control emoji /ɪˈməʊdʒi/, to the gate at the end of each level. The game is design to depict medeivel environment, featuring castles, dungeons caves and more. The game features 10 characters with different abilities, some are locked and can be unlocked with the right amount of bulbs (the in-game currency). the emojis are locked in the buildings and they are trying to make their way out and to the Rocky Ends. Overcome the obstacles on your way which includes emojis (zombies, clowns and more), spikes, TNTs, flame throwers and more to make it to the gates. So... to the gates!!!

***** FEATURES *****

CHARACTERS : MOG 2 features ten (10) different emoji to choose from each different in their own way.‎

WEAPON: some of the characters have weapons to help over obstacles with ease

TERRAINS: each level of each stage offers a different look and challenge, + you can never tell what's lurking in the corner.‎

TO THE GATE! - your mission is to get the key(s) to unlock the secondary gate (where available) and the primary gate to escape the level.

PICK UPS: the most important is the in game currency (bulb) pick as many as you can to enable you unlock new characters (emoji). there's also health pick ups and the mysterious chest.
Improved performance and responds.

Included new effects.

Bugs Fixed.

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