Free Download Butchero Cheat APK MOD

Free Download Butchero Cheat APK MOD

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Butchero 1.29 screenshots 1


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Butchero 1.29 - An Overview

Butchero is a dangerous world, populated by violent creatures that have only one purpose – destroy everything in their wake. Looks like you are the only hero capable to stop these endless evil hordes.
Only your instincts, reaction and smart combination of unique abilities will help you to survive in dungeons, forests, and caves infested with all these monsters.

Engage in adventures, make yourself stronger with various loot, experiment with ability combinations, and test your skill against enemy waves. And if you fail, well, it only makes you stronger in the next attempt, after all, you are the true hero!

Butchero features:
– This is a rogue-like, so each attempt will feel different!
– This is an RPG, so you have lots of various stats and get tons of loot to boost them!
– Dozens of random abilities to experiment with.
– Beautiful worlds with bizarre enemies and treacherous traps to test your ingenuity.
– Very simple controls – perfect to play with one hand!

Short list of features:
rpg, action, boss, rogue, dungeon, idle, hero, brawl, isaac, archer, run, hit, 3d, casual, arrow, race, bowman, 2d
OpenGL 2.0 support

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