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Minotaur's Maze - An Overview

The Mighty Minotaur and his minions lay ruin the world and wreak havok upon its peoples. A hero is needed to put an end to the Minotaur's tyranny and usher in an era of prosperity and peace.

As the contender approaches, the Minotaur retreats to the centre of his impenetrable maze and throws his waves of undead warriors at the invader. He is confident that this hero will not be the one to triumph....

Enter the Minotaur's Maze! Use your skill with sword and bow to fight your way through hordes of the undead. Call upon magic to smite your enemies.

Fight through the labyrinth, with an increasing number of elite units being summoned to stop you as you near the Minotaur himself. Dodge the cunning traps the Minotaur has laid round every corner.

Spend your spoils on upgrades to your character and unlock new weapons.

If winning isn't enough for the mighty hero, fight to top the online leaderboard for bragging rights against your fellow Hero buds.
V1.13 - Update to make the buttons easier to use. Enemies are now larger and easier to see. Added better adjustment of camera to match user aspect ratio.
Fixed bug for controls to not appear for some resolutions.