Friday, 1 November 2019

Download mayhem gun bomb mafia Cheat APK MOD

Download mayhem gun bomb mafia Cheat APK MOD

mayhem gun bomb mafia 2.2.8 screenshots 1

Free Download mayhem gun bomb mafia cheat trick APK MOD

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mayhem gun bomb mafia 2.2.8 screenshots 2
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mayhem gun bomb mafia - An Overview

With the legendary Italian mafia hat, our dark blue guy moves horizontally and vertically, jumping up and down to shoot the enemy, who are also jumping up and down to shoot him back.
Enemies with many different styles, different types of guns, they are constantly jumping and moving. They appearing everywhere, can be one or more enemies at the same time.
With a double jump style, our dark blue guy will have to be clever to avoid the extremely powerful blows of the enemy.
It will be very difficult to eliminate the enemy because they also know how to double jump and also very smart.
You can increase the skill double jump of the blue guy by collecting boxes has jumping symbol.
The crate boxes not only gives you the ability to jump higher but also gives you many other things as well.
Crate box has the blue guy icon will increase the lives s' him,
Some other boxes have other symbols that will give you different powers, these could be different guns, …
Attention, please use the guns skillfully, sometimes you have very strong guns, but because of a small mistake you will lose that gun and receive mediocre one with weak power, here can be considered a trap.
Our cute mafia guy will have to pass levels, it means he will meet many different enemies and it's getting harder, because enemies at each level will have different powers and intelligence also increases.
The enemy could be an alien, a luxurious gentleman or even a lady, … and all of them are very clever, climbing well.
What level do you think you can surpass?

Actually, our blue mafia guy can only shoot to the right or to the left, would you feel more interesting if he shot all 360 degrees.