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CosmoRogue - An Overview

Welcome Cosmonaut to this RPG space roguelike game.

Your goal is to survive a fearless enemy, and if you do, you will be rewarded at the end of a wave. You will probably die often, which is not bad, because you will spend your credits on sweet upgrades.

Destroying enemies rewards you with credits that you can spend on 10 different permanent upgrades. Increase your damage or get more health.

And there are 8 different enemies waiting for you:
The healer: Heals the entire enemy fleet.
The Tower: This enemy spawns anywhere in space and begins to attack you with large lasers guns.
The Electro: With its steady stream of electricity, it will attract your attention.
and much more!

4 unique bosses!

After each wave you will be rewarded with an upgrade from which you can choose from 15+ different ones. Make your ship harder or increase your weapon level to shoot more bullets.
App has been updated for Google Release due to fix.