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青鬼オンライン Cheat APK MOD Free Download 1.6.9

青鬼オンライン Cheat APK MOD Free Download 1.6.9

青鬼オンライン 1.6.9 screenshots 1
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青鬼オンライン 1.6.9 screenshots 2
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青鬼オンライン - An Overview







RAM: 2GB以上

Human being 100 people VS blue demon ...!

100 people trapped in a closed room
Only the last one can survive ... rattled

You become the last person, can you safely [blues (Aonige)]! What?

■ A wide variety of maps!
· A narrow map, a wide map · · ·
· The blue devil that appears also changes?
· Survive using the pedestals and switches ...

■ Find your own skin!
· There may be something similar to myself for all kinds of skins! What?
· You can also choose words that you can say during the game as well!
· Are there also RREEKIN in ...?

■ Blue Escape (Aoni Ge) to aim for ranking top!
· Segment ranked "Season Rank" held every week!
· Will be wrapped in special light if it becomes high rank ...?
· Limited skin is also GET if becoming regulars!

▼ Recommended Specifications
OS: Android 6 or higher
RAM: 2 GB or more

For other inquiries etc. please contact the following e-mail address.
※ Please describe "blue demon online" in the subject