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Magia : Charma Saga 1.1.27 screenshots 1


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Magia : Charma Saga 1.1.27 - An Overview

Magia—A Truly Fantastic Tale

What does ""Fantasy"" mean to you?
Is it taking an exciting adventure in a vibrant new world?
Encountering characters and creatures beyond your wildest imagination?
Or joining brave heroes on a journey to change their world's destiny?

Whatever your ""Fantasy"" is, make it a reality with Magia!
Featuring beautiful illustrations, captivating landscapes, mysterious creatures,
and a breathtaking adventure with unforgettable heroes.

When the world is cast under the shadow of Charma, the chaotic plague,
you'll have to combine your strengths to protect Yggdrasil, the source of creation,
and unlock the secrets of Magia, the ancient Creator's mysterious power.

The doors of Magia are open! Will you enter?! Pre-resister now!


▣ Thrilling Action
· Get pulled in by the engrossing, intuitive side-scrolling gameplay.
· Build your own custom strategies through each character's unique skill set!
· Use Aerial Hits, Down Hits, Break-Falls, Rising Actions, and even Chain Skills to defeat enemies with creative combos!

▣ An Epic Adventure
· Though your main goal is to protect Yggdrasil from the encroaching Charma, be sure to enrich your journey by venturing on compelling side quests given by the NPCs and certain items!
· Unravel Magia's secrets and uncover the truth with your fellow heroes.

▣ A Vivid Fantasy World
· Encounter everything from fierce Goblins to adorable Fenex.
· Explore the lovingly illustrated world of Magia.

▣ Unforgettable Characters
· Join heroes from a wide range of classes, including the Magic Swordsman, the Battle Mage, the Spirit Magician, and the Guardian Knight.
· Learn more about each character's diverse background as the mystery of Magia unfolds.