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スーパー戦隊レジェンドウォーズ 3.2.2 screenshots 1


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"Super Sentai Series" 40 works commemorative app
A crossover action RPG featuring successive heroes!

■ Participate in one flick! 3D model super squadron heroes fight variously!
Easy to operate! One flick for attack and special skill activation.
Aim for the Special Moves with the Main Squadron! If the soul (cost) is gone, the squadron will change!

■ Newly drawn card illustrations that are full of Super Sentai-like characters appear one after another! *
Express the unique charm of each Super Sentai with card illustrations.
Illustrations move on the cards with the highest rarity!

■ "Super Sentai Legend Wars" is an original story game!
The mystery that Super Sentai fights is solved ...
The original story will be released at any time!
■ That scene that I saw in the past appeared as an item!
A nostalgic scene appears as an item called Legendia!
Use the power of legendary powers with various powers to lead the victory!

■ Relive that song of music with the app!
From "Secret Sentai Gorenger" to "Knight Dragon Sentai Ryusouja"
A collection of 43 theme songs! !
Please play while listening to the theme song! !

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