Flying Grand Superhero: Revenge Battle Cheat APK MOD Download 1.1.23

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Flying Grand Superhero: Revenge Battle - An Overview

Flying grand Superhero is an ultimate revenge and Fighting Game with your strange hero. The revenge battle hero in survival city which had been attacked by criminal and Gangster with the help of evils which have supernatural powers. Use all your fantastic power and marvelous strategy to protect the citizens of the survival city. This time in your survival city will take place a real gangster war. Super mutant hero game allows you to save the mad City. The People who are in great danger in survival city. Play as Flying mutant superhero and defeat gangster and criminals by using your super hero powers. Be the immortal and be the super hero and destroy every evil comes on your way. The best super action simulator game 2018 with our Flying Grand Superhero: Revenge Battle and start the journey of super hero rescue mission.

The people of the survival city are suffering from mad city mafia and highly spread superhero amazing fighters who have joined the hand with crime mafia dons. As a flying mutant grand hero or strange superhero you have to start this mission and choose the city battle which should be the spider’s final battle in the hero revenge mission. Become the captain of the great USA because situation is terribly wrong and you need to be a protector of the city in the mutant hero’s future fight. You must have played flying panther hero games in which you may have the city rescue and fighting actions but this one is different because you need to play as a super hero in the dark city battle.

Super hero vs crime city mafia is here it does not need any rope to fly around and fighting to rescue the world. Combination of futuristic games and super hero fighting games with the twist of super hero fighting in city as a superhero. Only the brave battle hero chosen from superheroes having superhero and best flying panther skills can save the innocent people of survival city in City wars.

Features of Flying Grand Superhero: Revenge Battle:

- Use rope to jump and fly in the air in the super street battles.
- Mutant grand hero with realistic abilities of climbing the walls & rooftop.
- Flying grand hero vs mad city mafia with incredible flying battle.
- Challenging missions & hero city survival missions.
- Fight like a super captain in the final battle conditions.

It’s time to perform as a real superhero in the final city battle that you are not only going to fight against evil gangsters of crime city but also for the survival of Crime City. Play the ultimate thrilling games and grand fighting games combination with Flying Grand Superhero : Revenge Battle and start the battle as a captain of the USA.