Download VR Quest of the Fallen Lite Cheat APK MOD

Download VR Quest of the Fallen Lite Cheat APK MOD

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Free Download VR Quest of the Fallen Lite cheat APK MOD

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VR Quest of the Fallen Lite 1.43 screenshots 2
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VR Quest of the Fallen Lite is probably the most favorite Action gaming app available in the market that is published by TetraForge. This company program a large amount of great games. Even if you are fan of Action Games, I know you will definitely the same as this VR Quest of the Fallen Lite wonderful game.

VR Quest of the Fallen Lite - An Overview

Quest of the Fallen is a medieval shooting game with RPG elements,. It is one of the first games to combine Fantasy RPG elements with VR shooting.
You fight endless hordes of enemies based on DnD mythology and all in virtual reality mode. Survive in the intense wilderness of the beast infested forests, the horrifying undead infected cemeteries and finally reaching the gates of hell itself!
You are humanity last hope as you start a legendary journey against the mighty forces of the underworld lead by the fearsome Fallen Angel. Experience the fast-paced shooting action and play the real challenging levels for the first time. Play this VR shooting game as a warrior, a mage or a ranger each one using different weapons and abilities.

The VR Quest of the Fallen shooting game is a brand new addition to the genre of VR shooting games due to its amazing mixed reality gaming effects along with high-poly textures and HD graphics. Get in the virtual reality world to play in a series of levels one more difficult than the other. Each level will make your hero stronger, enhancing his abilities, only the stronger of heroes can challenge the Fallen Angel himself.

Get ready for the ultimate challenge against the hordes of darkness and bring out all your aiming skills for the extreme fights that lie ahead of you. Prove yourself a legendary hero and heavens themselves will reward you. Buckle up for the breathtaking battles and become the hero of the Sanctuary grounds in no time!

VR Quest of the Fallen Lite is a 3 stage only demo of the game VR Quest of the Fallen.

Full Game Features:

- Compatible with all virtual reality glasses.
- Highly addictive gameplay with lots of fun.
- Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting effects.
- Choice between 3 different heroes with different stats and abilities.
- A lot of thrilling missions in different environments.
- Fight Corrupted Humans in the Forests, Undead in Cemetary and Demons in the underworld.
- Different aim points give different results in damage (headshot, body shot, leg shot).
- Best quality sound effects with realistic battle sounds.
- RPG Elements, level system and simple gameplay.

Game Play:

- Insert your device into the VR glasses and gaze to navigate and choose.
- Use the glasses or the gamepad button to fire.
- No need to reload, simply gaze to aim and shoot to kill!

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Small bug fixes.

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