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Cowboy Fighter 2018 1.0.10 screenshots 1


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Cowboy Fighter 2018 1.0.10 - An Overview

Cowboy Fighter 2018
It's time to become a western cowboy sheriff.

You are the sheriff of the Western town, peace of the town is your responsibility.
Play free the best cowboy game in 2018.
The game of western gunfighter is where Wild West is as real as it's possible. Play as a western sheriff cowboy or cowgirl, and tackle missions, earn rewards, big challenge duel to take out bandits, and find hidden loot. Can you just ride a horse?
Best Cowboy Game
Best game of era cowboy games, try to create real cowboy game environment. In the west cowboy character is admirable if he play positive role. In this game we try to give a look of wild west town and the life of cowboys. We try to create sheriff cowboys daily activity with the challenge for player. A cowboy sheriff is a person who maintain the discipline in the wild west town. Bandits and west gunfighter are in opponents and they involve in different criminal activities. Western sheriff beat them only for town peace. Western sheriff is alone and bandits are many. You have to play with courage to defeat them.
Time to drink at saloons and enjoy the land’s beauty. It’s all your call at the sheriff duty!
Cowboy Fighter 2018 Key Features:
- Explore the great western world
- Rescue the west world from gangsters and cowboy bandits
- Multiple missions to play with historical weapons
- Best Graphical Environment
- Play as a horse rider and cowboy of the western world