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モンスターハンター エクスプロア - An Overview


狩友と進め!秘宝を求め碧き島々へ!!『モンスターハンター エクスプロア』がついに登場!島々をめぐる探検と未知なる発見が待ち受ける、まったく新しい狩猟生活が幕を開ける!! スマホに最適化されたシンプルなアクションで、狩友と共に狩猟の世界へ!






【Operating environment】
Android 4.2 or later
RAM 2 GB or more (Intel CPU is not supported)
※ Some models may not work even if they meet the conditions

【Game introduction】
Advance with Hatman! "A monster hunter explorer" finally appeared! An entirely new hunting life that the exploration over the islands and unknown discoveries awaits is over! The simple action optimized for smaho, to the world of hunting with Hatomi!

- No breakthrough impossible -
It is said that so and the legendary sea area "fissure zone", the other side of the fissure area where everyone admired. Discovery of the route realized that longing.
- There is an unknown world in there -
A powerful monster, a number of new discoveries, and a legend of "hidden treasure". A number of explorers arrived for honor .... Gather and hunter, here is the entrance to the new world.

【Game System】
■ Up to 4 simultaneous cooperative play
Of course you can cooperate play even in smartphone! Enjoy real-time cooperation play with friends and hunters nationwide with up to 4 people!

■ 15 Weapon types
MHXR original weapon type! "Axel Ax" realizing the hunting experience of the explosion speed!
In addition, such as "mission operators" "big sword" "gunrance"
Types of weapons familiar to hunters appear in Explorer too!
You can also enjoy the original action if you have a weapon!

【Exporer's own element】
■ Explore
This time monkey is treasure hunt! What? While hunting powerful monsters, explore the undeveloped islands "tear-away islands" and repeat a number of "new discoveries" to find a mysterious "hidden treasure" that sleeps on the island!

Martial arts
Release various "secrets" hidden in weapons and face monsters! More than 100 types of attacks such as increasing your attack strength and monster defense down! To the strongest hunter with numerous martial arts!

■ Character
Personality rich characters who meet in exploration! Attractive character voice by popular voice actors!
Elisa (CV: Shingo Uchida)
Algo (CV: Nakamami Nurture)
Dr. Hawk (CV: Koyama Koya)
Dr. Sharon (CV: Yu Asakawa)
Dr. Andorra (CV: Kenichi Ogata)
Abigail (CV: Hitomi)
Barber (CV: Yasuaki Yasumoto)
Devilu (CV: Yu Asakawa)