Blocky Robot Smash Cheat APK MOD Download 1.0

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Blocky Robot Smash 1.0 screenshots 2
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Blocky Robot Smash - An Overview

Blocky city mayhem, stuff to crash, victims to smash - cause street destruction as a mighty robot as long as possible in Blocky Robot Smash! Or complete city destruction missions of the robot simulator. Smash everyone, crash anything - welcome to street mayhem of Blocky Robot Smash!

Features of Blocky Robot Smash:

- Battle robot simulator
- City to crash
- Cars and pedestrians to smash
- Mayhem to wreak
- Military and police pursuit
- Destruction of environment
- Robot has a mayhem mode!

Robot simulator!
Turn on mayhem mode - get big and tough for 15 seconds of smash and crash frenzy! Destruction is easy - use few buttons to wreak mayhem, crash the blocky city in the simulator. Maintain energy for mayhem mode and destruction. Disengage to avoid destruction yourself and wreak mayhem again in blocky city - street destruction simulator is fun!

Crash & smash!
Wreak blocky mayhem, cause destruction - crash this blocky city! Use mayhem mode for superior destruction! Watch out for city cops and military - they’ll try to stop a robot trying to smash and crash the blocky city. Boss monsters also want to smash you. Blocky mayhem is on - enjoy the city destruction simulator!

Over-the-top destruction!
Unleash destruction on streets of blocky city! Become a powerful robot, smash and crash the city in the simulator. Main goal in Blocky Robot Smash - city destruction fun! Mayhem attracts enemies, crash them to! Use mayhem mode of robot for survival and street destruction. Missions make destruction funnier. Mayhem is fun, crash and enjoy pure destruction!

The mayhem is on! Unleash your iron robot might and ravage the blocky city!
Join crazy adventures with Blocky Robot Smash!