Aircraft Wargame 1 Cheat APK MOD Download 6.0.1

Aircraft Wargame 1 Cheat APK MOD Download 6.0.1

Aircraft Wargame 1 6.0.1 screenshots 1
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Aircraft Wargame 1 - An Overview

Game warplanes two game modes, classic mode and battle .

In battle mode your fighter plane faced against different enemies , each enemy has a different pattern of combat.

In classic mode you must complete missions while dodging bombs, stones, rocks, remove helicopters and more.

In this game you have to go beyond levels while you eliminate the enemies and dodge obstacles to reach the end of each level . There are different types and different difficulty levels . Each fighter has their own abilities , there are up to 5 different skills.

The 5 skills are :
- Detonate bombs visible level .
- Shot of missile.
- Double Shot of missile.

- Create the energy shield to protect you from enemy missiles , helicopters , planes, etc ...
- Resize your war plane to pass through smaller places.
- Invisibility with which you can avoid enemy missiles , helicopters , airplanes, etc. ..

To get these skills must collect boxes within each skill level . In addition there are permanent , automatic and manual skills. The manual skills will use whenever it's convenient , automatic skills activate automatically when you pick up a box and permanent is recharged throughout the level and can be used indefinitely.

Game warplanes in which you'll have to juggle your war plane pressing on the right half of the screen and use skills by pressing the left half of the screen of your phone or tablet device.

If you like games of airplanes and aircraft fighting , do not hesitate , in this game you will find different types of aircraft , including: F4U Corsair , P -40 Warhawk , P -75 Eagle, F-14, FA- 22 Raptor, F- 15C Fighter, Eurofighter , and many more. Discover them yourself, earn coins to unlock these planes.

Among the enemies you find static objects pumps, mobile pumps , stationary rocks, moving rocks , cobwebs to annul your movements, energy beams , helicopters, etc. ..

With this game of war will spend pleasant moments enjoying flying and fighting with all kinds of fighter jets and war. You will participate in epic aerial combat .

The mission is to get safely to the finish at the end of the level, to do , shoot missiles , create energy shields , dodge enemy missiles and much more .

Its easy to control and 3D realistic aircraft will assure hours of fun for free.

If you get complete all the missions you can consider yourself an expert aviator.

Wargame combat aircraft has the following game features:
- 192 levels .
- 21 warplanes .
- 7 skills .
- 8 worlds .
- 24 bosses.
- 10 Languages: Spanish , English , French , German, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish , Russian, Malay and Japanese.


Do not forget to rate and comment on the game on Google Play Store for improvement.

Contact for suggestions, graphics errors , translation errors, suggestions ....

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Adjust difficulty
More levels

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