FROM THE SEA Cheat APK MOD Free Download 2.0.2

FROM THE SEA Cheat APK MOD Free Download 2.0.2

FROM THE SEA 2.0.2 screenshots 1
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FROM THE SEA 2.0.2 screenshots 2
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FROM THE SEA - An Overview

Participate in Freedom of Navigation at Spratly Islands!
Stop North Korea’s nuclear weapons development program!
Win the war on terrorism at Middle East!

【 Introduction 】
A combat like a war movie!
Use the terrain and altitude to your advantage!
Use the motion sensor to play the game!
Dive into immersive battles!
Zip across a large battlefield!

【 Features 】
✔ Free to Play
✔ Enjoy the game without having to worry about Wi-Fi!

✔ Various strategies and tactics
- Arm yourself with different aircraft and weapons!
- Upgrade your warplanes and aim for the limit!
- Pick an appropriate weapon from a broad arsenal: AIM, AGM, Smart Bomb, Torpedoes, etc.
- Equip your warplane with the weapons of your choice!
- Use the terrain and altitude to outsmart your opponent!

✔ Various warplane
- A-4, A-6, SU-25, A-7, AV-8B, S-3B, A-10D
- F-8, F-4, RAFALE, F-14, MIG-29K, F/A-18, F-35C, T-50, f-22
- KA-27, NH-90A, AH-53, S-97, CH-47, Ka-52
- F-117, B-1B, AC-130, B-2
- MIG-21, J-10, J-20, GUNSHIP, TU-95, AN-225

✔ Realistic graphics and sound
- A realistic portrayal of aircraft carriers, warplanes, warships, etc.
- Provides realistic sound and authentic reactions

✔ Various enemies and battlefields
- A war that's truly worldwide in scale ( SPRATLY ISLANDS / N.KOREA / MIDDLE EAST )
- Experience all types of terrains: oceans, deserts, mountains, urban, etc.
- Sink enemy submarines with torpedoes!
- Use bombs to destroy enemy bases and warships! (MK82,83,84 / GBU-12,27,28 / MOAB / CBU87,97/ EMP)
- Shoot down enemy fighter jets and helicopters with Air-to-Air Missiles! (SIDE WINDER / SPARROW / AMRAAM / PHOENIX)
- Destroy enemy bases and tanks with an air-to-ground missile!(MAVERICK / HARPOON / JASSM / HELLFIRE / SLAM_ER / TAURUS)

✔ Point-based Ranking
- Individual Ranking
- Complete the mission to earn rewards and points.
- Climb the ranks and compete with friends from all over the world!
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