Free Download MEGA MAN X DiVE Cheat APK MOD

Free Download MEGA MAN X DiVE Cheat APK MOD

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MEGA MAN X DiVE 0.1.1 screenshots 1

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MEGA MAN X DiVE 0.1.1 screenshots 1


This MEGA MAN X DiVE Cheat code is designed for the purpose of education only. In no way do we tolerate cheating or hacking. Responsible users may make use of this MEGA MAN X DiVE cheat code at their own discretion. We take simply no responsibility for the actions of any user with this MEGA MAN X DiVE Resources generator.

MEGA MAN X DiVE 0.1.1 - An Overview

Authentic action game “Mega Man X”
The brand new derivative work finally makes its debut!
Let’ s “DiVE” into the world of Mega Man X!

◾️“Deep Log”, the cyberspace where game data reserved◾️
One day, an unexplained error suddenly occurred in “Deep Log”, which cause game data of Mega Man X abnormal. Let’s manipulate “X”, “Zero” and more legendary heroes, to beat up on the “Irregular Data”!

◾️ Perfectly present the authentic actions of Mega Man
Besides dashing, jumping, buster and saber, we add in functions of “Auto-Lock on” and “360-Degree Shooting”, which are exclusive features of this game!
Moreover, all the place and size of the virtual buttons in game can be freely set up that make it more close to the original Mega Man X series works!

◾️ Characters of Mega Max X series will debut in turn
All of the graphics and 3D models have been repainted in Mega Man X DiVE.
The classic characters in your memory will appear by its brand new look!

◾️Most well-known BGM reproduced in game
To bring you different feelings, we faithfully present the original BGM of each stages with whole new arrangement, so does the voice of each characters!
Let’ s gallop in Deep Log with these exciting sounds!

◾️Equip your weapons and BOSS Chip for fight
Besides the indispensable weapons of buster, saber, machine gun and sprayer,
there will be much more new categories of weapon for you to beat up enemies!
In addition, each characters will be able to use the skill from Bosses, which you must be familiar with, once you equip the Chip!

◾️Enjoy all elements of action game in Co-op and PVP Modes
“Co-op Mode”, the unprecedented mode among Mega Man X series, which will let you enjoy the game with your besties!
In “Battle Mode”, you can cultivate the characters which you are proud of and manipulate them with variety of movement to start a fierce battle!
Fight with 1vs1 or even 3vs3 PVP to enjoy the real action game!

※Open Beta functions, status and game balance will be different from those of Closed Beta version.
MEGA MAN X DiVE Global Closed Beta Test
Max Level: Lv.20
Playable Characters: X、Zero、Alia、Axl、Ultimate Armor X、Vile、Marino、Pallette
Story Mode
Co-op Mode
※Open Beta functions, status and game balance will be different from those of Closed Beta version.

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