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Jianghu Dream 10.1 screenshots 1


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Jianghu Dream 10.1 - An Overview

【※Martial arts + DBG + Roguelike】
【※Independent game】
【※Open world】

【Martial Roguelike,It's your choice to make】
Choose your own fate!
Player will explore world of acient China, searching for the “Head leader”,Climbing the Mountian of Hua, Crossing the dessert,unraveling the vail of the conspiracy.
Open world, each dungeon conteins different event,the choices players make will lead to different endings.

【Strategy Cards play,Infinite possibility】
Fast is the key!
Over 10+ parties,60+ heroes,200+ powerful items,300+ moves.Hunreds of thousands of combo, make you own style!
Is it a combo,or a finish? A draw or a throw,which goes first? Let's invent it.

【Fight with your own Heroes】
Friends are indeed, all those famous heroes are all available, these Kung-fu masters are all greatness and with unique moves, get them and be stronger!

【Let go back to the acient China】
The game apply a special vision style of acient China in poetry, Player wanders in the dungeon and 1meet different people in different dress,reflecting different culture in acient China.

【Words from the developers】
Thank you all for the love and support.
During these years,we've been working to put this elements together:Martial+Roguelike+DBG+RPG.
After many failures,「少年梦江湖」has finally come to life.
Thanks again!
Please contactus if you have any problems.

【Follow us】
Facebook Fan page:少年梦江湖 - 首款Roguelike武侠卡牌手游
YouTube Channel:少年梦江湖
1. 新增6位武侠:康夫人,聪辩先生、少林三僧、童姥、扫地和尚、左使
2. 新增普通品质的材料互换功能
3. 新增幻境中更换武侠的机制
4. 新增剑圣皮肤—“不灭剑圣”(皮肤额外天赋:幻境中草药事件额外掉落5个)
5. 新增30次签到活动
6. 新增幻境中查看NPC的事件详情
7. 新增参悟完成时提示
8. 机制调整:幻境中将无法删除3名武侠的专属卡牌
9. 卡牌调整:部分阵法牌的数值
10. 调整幻境:增加阶段区分,降低部分难度的难度曲线,略微提高地狱难度
11. 修复了若干bug