Free Download ラングリッサー モバイル Cheat APK MOD

Free Download ラングリッサー モバイル Cheat APK MOD

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ラングリッサー モバイル 1.5.3 screenshots 1


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ラングリッサー モバイル 1.5.3 - An Overview


【名作ゲーム再び!「ラングリッサー モバイル」】



『ラングリッサー モバイル』は、原作のシステムを引き継いでおり、兵種相克や地形の要素を考慮して戦術を立てるのがポイント。兵種にはユニットそれぞれに相性があり、山や森、川などの地形によってもユニットへ与える影響が変わります。また、他のSRPGと違い、シナリオ分岐等の多様性のあるストーリー展開は、原作を遊んだことのないプレイヤーでも十分楽しめます。

『ラングリッサー モバイル』にはプレゼントを贈る事で、英雄達と絆を深める事が出来る『絆』というシステムがあり、英雄の好感度を上げることでステータス強化や英雄と聖剣ラングリッサーとの出会いを個別シナリオで体験することができます。このシステムは原作シリーズの『ラングリッサーⅢ』に登場して以来人気が高い、『ヒロインセレクト』を再現しており、告白機能を今後実装予定です。

《ラングリッサー モバイル》およびGoogle購読注意事項に関して

ゲーム中で「容赦の時計」を購入できます。購入価格は ¥120で、一か月以内有効となります。


Google Playオフィシャル購入機能は自動購入となっており、
Google Playから支払いの確認が行われ、キャンセルする場合にはユーザーは手動でGoogle Play ストア設定管理の中から手動で行う必要があります。自動購入はプレミアム特典の有効期間が終了する24時間以内に行われ、Google Playで支払いの確認が行われます。もし自動購入機能をキャンセルしたい場合は、終了前の少なくとも24時間前までに自動購入機能をキャンセルください。もしこの期間に自動期購入をキャンセルしなかった場合は自動で延長されます。



6. 定期購入の変更及び解約について
定期購入を解約するには、Android端末で「Google Play ストア」を開きます-->正しい Google アカウントにログインしていることを確認します。-->メニュー アイコン--> [定期購入] をタップします-->解約する定期購入を選択します。-->[定期購入を解約] をタップします。-->画面の指示に沿って操作を行います。定期購入しているアプリが Google Play から削除された場合、それ以降の定期購入は解約されます。それまでの定期購入は払い戻しの対象になりません。
The long-awaited new work of the Langrisser series!
After 28 years, timeless masterpiece restarts!

[Masterpiece game again! "Langrisser Mobile"]
The first "Rang Risser" was released in 1991. Since then, the numbering title has counted 5 series in total, and has attracted a great deal of support from game fans as a full-scale simulation RPG. Such "Langrisser" has been released more than a quarter of a century, and this time.

【The latest and deep story】
This work is the delivery for the first platform for smartphones of "Langrisser" series. In the new battle over the holy sword Langrisser and the demon sword Al Hazard, Elwin, Leon, Shelly, Nahm and other popular characters have appeared. These original heroes can also be played within the new story. The character's voice has also been completely redesigned, bringing the player to a more enchanting world of Langrisser!

[Collecting huge scenarios and characters of successive generations]
As a work of the official "Langrisser" series, this work is a content that has inherited successive stories. The original series scenario and popular characters are included, of course, and a new adventure story is added, making it easy for even the first player to enjoy "Langrisser" with ease of "stickiness". In addition, the fan of the original series has become a content that can enjoy both nostalgia and newness.

【Classic tactical SRPG】
"Langrisser Mobile" takes over the system of the original, and it is the point to make the tactics in consideration of the elements of the battle and the terrain. The types of troops are compatible with each unit, and the terrain, such as mountains, forests, and rivers, also affects the units. In addition, unlike other SRPGs, story development with diversity such as scenario branching can be enjoyed enough even by players who have never played the original.

["絆" system]
"Langrisser Mobile" has a system called "Zen" that can deepen the bond with the heroes by giving a present, and by strengthening the hero's favorability, the status reinforcement and the encounter with the hero and the holy sword Langrisser are individualized You can experience it in a scenario. This system reproduces the popular "Heroine Select" since it appeared in the original series "Langrisser III", and we plan to implement the confession function in the future.

Regarding "Langrisser Mobile" and Google Subscription Notes

1. Price and cycle
You can buy "Forex Watch" in the game. The purchase price is ¥ 120 and will be valid within one month.

2. Regarding the content
The user of "Guly watch" gets a premium benefit during the effective period, and the premium benefit contents are as follows: 1 can be returned to 1 operation before any action during the battle (use up to 3 times in each battle) Can not be used in team and PVP battles) 2 The power consumed in battle defeat is halved.

3. About automatic purchase
Google Play official purchase function is automatic purchase,
Payment is confirmed from Google Play, and in case of cancellation, the user has to do it manually from within Google Play Store Settings Management. Automatic purchases will be made within 24 hours of the end of the premium benefit period and payments will be confirmed on Google Play. If you want to cancel the auto purchase feature, please cancel the auto purchase feature at least 24 hours before the end. If you do not cancel the automatic purchase during this period, it will be extended automatically.

4. Terms of Use
Terms of Use:

5. Personal Information Protection Policy
Privacy policy:

6. Change of subscription and cancellation
To cancel your subscription, open the "Google Play Store" on your Android device-> make sure you're signed in to the correct Google Account. -> Tap the menu icon-> Subscriptions-> Select a subscription to cancel. -> Tap Cancel Subscription. -> Follow the instructions on the screen. If the subscribed app is removed from Google Play, subsequent subscriptions will be cancelled. Previous subscriptions are not eligible for a refund.

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