Free Download 部落戰魂 Cheat APK MOD

Free Download 部落戰魂 Cheat APK MOD

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部落戰魂 1.0.5 screenshots 1


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部落戰魂 1.0.5 - An Overview






官方舉辦的精彩活動, 贏取更多的禮物和重要訊息。
"Tribal War Soul" is a high-quality placement card game with multi-ethnic strategy. The game uses classic Western magical themes to reproduce the classic and super rich six races: sacred, dark, arcane, undead, evil Naturally, set foot on the magic journey with millions of players around the world. Hang up for eight hours, go online for five minutes, and have fun all day!

[Exploration] play three combination
Core goalplay, after each level BOSS challenge victory, you can enter the next level to challenge;
The game's level, resources, and equipment core acquisition points; open up the world map by constantly challenging the more difficult chapter maps.

[Daily Trial] Copy Diversification
The daily copy game is a three-copy copy of gold coins, experience, and heroes;
Every day, gold coins, hero experience, courage badges, hero fragments are obtained, and different difficulty levels are opened according to the corresponding level, and there are certain combat challenges.

[Arena] Randomly choose to play against
Free Arena: free random battle, integral game strategy;
Trial of the champion: the group camp mode, breaking the traditional system, multi-combination confrontation strategy.

[Crusade] multi-lineup mode
Multiple sets of lineups, expedition death mode;
Cross-service players to confront and develop growth competition.

[game features]
※ Mild placement of liver functioning:
Whether you are an office worker or a student party, no matter where you are, just give peace of mind to the system, click on a button, and automatically ridicule the upgrade, you only harvest luxury equipment and diamonds.
※ Independent matching group:
6 camps, N multiple roles to play with you freely, to create the strongest team
※Adventurer reward
Randomly appearing all kinds of interesting tasks, is to destroy the demon king, or fishing competition, different missions will have different harvests~

■Recommended for you who like the following things!
・You like the Q version of the game!
・You like the hero to make a game!
・You like tribal theme game
・You like the strategy RPG
・You like to put the game
・You like the brain burning game

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FB fan group:
We will listen carefully to the voice of each player and thank you for your support.
*****Please note*****
This game requires internet connection.
This game is free to use, and the game also provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items.
Please pay attention to the game time and avoid indulging in the game.



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