Thursday, 12 September 2019

Download Zombie Friends Idle Cheat APK MOD

Download Zombie Friends Idle Cheat APK MOD

Zombie Friends Idle 0.2.1 screenshots 1

Download Zombie Friends Idle cheat tool APK MOD

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Zombie Friends Idle 0.2.1 screenshots 2
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Zombie Friends Idle is probably the most well known Strategy Android game available in the market that is published by Xhinobi Sdn. Bhd.. This company design great deal of great games. If you're a fan of Strategy Games, I believe you will the same as this Zombie Friends Idle outstanding game.

Zombie Friends Idle - An Overview

In Zombie Friends, the world is now completely Zombified. Being a smart zombie you have the urge to go with your “Friends” and take over the world as the Smartest Zombie! From challenging the Great Laut Faction to the Mummified regions of the Egyptian Zompire or maybe, even the depths of the Dead Sea; prove the worth of your brain against them all!

Idle Card Game
Too much time to dedicate? Then let your Zombie Friends do the hard work for you!

Dozens of Different Unique Zombie Friends
Recruit the different Zombie Friends and use their unique skills and buffs to create your own perfect team. Use those teams in the 2 special modes, Endless and Challenge, that will test your skills! A Real Zombie Adventure!

Defeat Powerful Enemies
Powerful World Bosses roam the land, each a tremendous asset to the teams that you will build. Fight through mini-bosses to gain their attention and defeat them for the chance to add them to improve your ranks.

Unique Artifacts for you to craft
Create unique artifacts that provide a variety of bonuses to the scenarios which you will face within the game. Each of these Artifacts can also be upgraded to increase the potential of your Zombies.

Core Features:
Idle focused Gameplay
Befriend them all
Unique Gameplay with different combinations of Zombies
Unique Zombies to use in battle
Challenging & special foes
A Zombified World
Unique Artifacts to boost your zombies or yourself
Zoziga, leader of the Deep Sea creatures, have long fought with the Sea Queen and the Ocean Royals for space to swim about. Together, they form Seabie faction and joins the Golden Brain War, to prove that everything under the sea, owns everything above it as well.
- Storibod, Zombie World historian

Boss! We have many new things now, Endless Cards, Tap Challenges, Brain Blenders, many more! Ah, and things look nicer than before too!
- Pizza Boi

Version 0.4.0
Build 63