Download WithstandZ - Zombie Survival! Cheat APK MOD

Download WithstandZ - Zombie Survival! Cheat APK MOD

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WithstandZ - Zombie Survival! screenshots 1


This WithstandZ - Zombie Survival! Hack tool is designed for educational purposes only. Under no circumstances do we tolerate cheating or hacking. Responsible users possibly use this WithstandZ - Zombie Survival! cheat code at their own discretion. We take absolutely no responsibility for the actions of all user associated with this WithstandZ - Zombie Survival! Hack.

WithstandZ - Zombie Survival! - An Overview

You want to get in a fun adventure based on an Apocalyptic Zombie theme? So this game is especially for you!

You can play alone or Online mode with your friends, you will control the character chosen and survive in the zombie world, you can get items in houses, villages, military and other fields.

WithstandZ BETA is an open world game in the emerging genre survival as much as multiplayer or
singleplayer. Based in the Unturned. Over the course of a typical and epic adventure, you'll have to survive searching for supplies and equipment, and to being able to build your own house/base/construction.

You will have to learn and develop your own survival technique, go in search of food and equipment and keep the thirst, hunger and life of your character in stable level.

The game features a map of open world, where who chooses where to go, it's really you! Therefore, you will have many interesting places to explore and loot.

The multiplayer/online mode brings a new experience to players on portable devices like smartphones, Tablets and other, that way you will enjoy and have fun with your friends, and if you're playing alone, it's up to you to decide if you will the player "Hero" or "Villain". :)

Our zombies are constituted with an excellent artificial intelligence, that way if you are inside a House, you don't have to worry about a Zombie appear out of nowhere, they will only come after you if you really want.

Our game is still under development, and we'd love to hear your ideas and constructive criticism, that way, if you are willing to help can send us an email with your feedback. :D

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* In this update we focused on the performance of the game, so we made great optimizations that will improve the speed of the game. We are working hard to further improve WithstandZ so we can add new features and items.

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