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Friends Forever : Choose your Story Choices 2019 - An Overview

Friends Forever : Choose your Story Choices 2019 – Bringing fun stories to life!
You can now be the star of your own interactive and visually attractive tales! Progress through the stories, carving your own with your very own choices. From a teenage dating tale to a rom-com, from mystery to fantasy – there’s something for everyone!
With Friends Forever : Choose your Story Choices 2019, we now present stories with visuals and animations, which are punctuated by options popping up on your screen.
Make friends, hang out and flirt, try dating, or find love. From walking out on someone to deciding to stay – every episode is immersive, engaging, unique, and totally dependent on you. ?
Choose your own responses and live a unique and adventure that is truly your own. Your answers will influence how every mystery episode unfolds. What’s your fantasy? Will you ever find a date for yourself? Will you marry and have kids or just flirt with all the boys in town? Will you find your mysterious killer? Will you find that happily ever after? Explore stories across genres with 10 unique titles – and more are soon to come!
Choose your story and be the leading character. Play now!

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- Make friends, flirt, or go dating – it all depends on your choices! ?
- Diverse gameplay allows for a lot of fun ?
- Choose your story - Multiple genres to choose from
- Well-written stories that will have you immersed and engaged
- There is no single right way to progress
- Encounter different adventures every time you play!
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