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字走三國 Cheat APK MOD Free Download 1.6.3

字走三國 Cheat APK MOD Free Download 1.6.3

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字走三國 - An Overview









Hi~What is the Three Kingdoms in your heart?
~ Well, I have a three countries in my heart. Can you give it a try?

Combining the current popular self-propelled chess styles, different starting points, and literati martial arts, feel the different ways of unifying the world.

Different from other self-going chess, we are a self-propelled chess that can quickly slap the sword and sit down and drink tea.
The game of the Three Kingdoms focuses on feelings and feelings, and does not forget the original heart.

Game features:

[Wujun] familiar three-nation generals, each with its own characteristics, civil and military / association / 羁绊 / skills / free mix, as well as a variety of unexpected passive skills waiting for you to explore

[Official position] reputation to enhance the official position, the difficulty of keeping up with the official position, you can also customize the title.

[Edge set] Collecting military commanders, gathering forces, and gathering the events of the Three Kingdoms, the encounter is the fate, the winning rate is clear at a glance.

[Power] The forces are difficult, and the countries with rich and famous financial atmosphere may be able to experience the unification of the world, and the small forces with weak potential are also a different challenge.

[Music] Can you play a song with the monarch, except for the preset background music, when the player clicks any button or piece, it can be like playing the piano, let us return to the Three Kingdoms to sing the string ~