Bubble Breaker Contest Cheat APK MOD Free Download 6.4.0

Bubble Breaker Contest Cheat APK MOD Free Download 6.4.0

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Bubble Breaker Contest is probably the most widely used Strategy Android game in the market that is published by Mobile Fun 5. This company create lot of great games. Even if you are fan of Strategy Game apps, I believe you will like to play this Bubble Breaker Contest unique game.
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Bubble Breaker Contest - An Overview

Bubble Breaker Contest implements a full of fun strategy Standard Bubble Breaker game with global and duel challenge contest.


Bubble Breaker Contest implements a fair and challenge contest bubble breaker game. It features online tournament games (called Online Daily Games), Duel games, local games, and bubble configurations.

Fair tournament with online players via daily challenge or duel bubble breaker games.

1. Online Daily Games - Daily Contest/Tournament
Every day at 12 AM GMT, the server generates a game called online daily game. All players play the same online daily game for the entire day. Online daily game scores will be saved on the server automatically to reflect daily tournament ranks and monthly contest/tournament ranks. Monthly ranks are based on the summation of the online daily scores in the last 30 days of challenge contest.

Online daily game score can be submitted again if your new online score is better than the previous one. Bubble Breaker Contest app will automatically submit your better new score.

If your internet is down, the app cannot submit the online bubble score automatically, it will display a 'Submit' button at the left bottom of the screen. When your internet is available, you can manually tab on the submit button to submit your new online bubble score.

The following ranks information is displayed lively a- Online players (on top of the bubble board; scroll up to see), b- The best 49 players of the day (under the bubble board), and c- The best 49 players of the month (at the bottom).

2. Duel Games
Each player start out with a duel score of 1500.
Players can invite another player a 5-min Bubble Breaker Duel game. The winner will earn about 15 points (depends on opponent duel score - in winning, players earn more points if opponents are higher score. In losing, players lose more points if opponents are lower score)

3. Local Games
Players who do not want online challenge contest ranks may play local games. Local game scores are saved locally on the player device. Local challenge ranks are displayed below the bubble board in local game mode. Local game is perfect for family members to compete among themselves on the same phone.

4. Bubble Configurations
There are 4 bubble configurations and 2 bubble themes - Light and Dark. Players may change the bubble color and bubble theme from the Settings dialog.

Bubble Breaker Contest game app is absolutely free and safe to play.


The goal of the game is to collect as many bubble points as you can.

When two bubbles touch each other horizontally or vertically, then the 2 bubbles are said to be connected. When 2 or more bubbles are connected, players can break them to earn bubble points.

The bubble point calculation formula is bubble points = n(n -1). Where n is the numbers of connected bubbles.

A good strategy is to break some small connected bubble blocks that may build up a large number of connected bubble block.

Thanks for providing us your feedback. We listen to your voices to make the bubble breaker tournament even better and more joyful to play.

We hope you enjoy our fair contest Bubble Breaker Contest challenge games!

Mobile Fun Team
Version 6.9. Swipe left/right layout (select from Settings). Duel scores will be reset on December 1st.

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