Friday, 2 August 2019

Thermal scanner camera VR Cheat APK MOD Download 3.7

Thermal scanner camera VR Cheat APK MOD Download 3.7

Thermal scanner camera VR 3.7 screenshots 1
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Thermal scanner camera VR 3.7 screenshots 2
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Thermal scanner camera VR - An Overview

Thermographic devices apply color gradients to thermal receivers. This application works in a similar way, it will display the camera preview of your device after applying a color gradient to the color intensity of the colors received by the camera - generating an illusion of a thermal view effect.

You can then adjust the application of the thermal gradient so the more hot object actually appears red.

Virtual reality mode (VR)
Camera controls like zoom, switch to front face camera, flash and off course fast capture.
Selection of multiple color gradients.
Full portrait/landscape support.
Thermo-scan existing photos from your device.
Edited photos can be used as wallpaper or be shared with any method available, like to Facebook, Instagram or upload to cloud.

Thermal scanner camera allows you to save photos from camera ,record videos and apply effects on photos from gallery.

Disclaimer: "Thermal scanner camera" is only a simulation of thermal camera and it will not detect a real temperature.
Android phones don't have built-in infrared light sensor or thermal sensor, therefore making them unable to detect temperature.
Added crop and rotate feature