Sniper Range Game Cheat APK MOD Free Download 31

Sniper Range Game Cheat APK MOD Free Download 31

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Sniper Range Game - An Overview

Do you want to experience what Simo Häyhä, Hathcock, Vasily Zaytsev, Hetzenauer, and other great snipers needed to overcome? You're in the right place to play the most realistic long range sniping game.

Most 3D Sniper Games are too simple, you just shoot straight to the target... reality is not like that. In this realistic simulation you can customize your cartridges, bullets, and weapons, and choose your favourite range. All relevant information about weapons and ammunitions are procedurally generated, so it's also possible to change almost any property.

This game includes a good enough approximation of internal ballistics, it has a great external ballistics simulation, and it's about to feature terminal ballistics (destruction, ricochets, barrier penetration, and softbody penetration).

The most important physics factors are modeled into this realistic sniper range game: gravity, drag (G7 Ballistic Coefficient), spindrift, and wind. It features realistic Scopes configurations: Elevation, Zoom with appropriately scaled reticles, and Windage. There's also an in-game and easy-to-use ballistic calculator to make it possible to make one-shot/one-hits under wild weather conditions.

This game was contrasted with JBM Ballistics giving great results.
A tutorial was added.

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