Thursday, 15 August 2019

Download To the Moon Cheat APK MOD

Download To the Moon Cheat APK MOD

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To the Moon 0.8.4 screenshots 1


This To the Moon Hack tool is made for the purpose of education only. In no way do we tolerate cheating or hacking. Responsible users may use this To the Moon cheat at their own discretion. We take zero responsibility for the actions of any user of the To the Moon Cheats.

To the Moon 0.8.4 - An Overview

"To the Moon" is an EOS-based game where you can farm and mine resources and build world-famous landmarks to make your city thriving. All user actions in the game are recorded on the decentralized EOS nodes so that you can safely trade your rare buildings with players worldwide. Moreover, we share our game's EOS income with the players! We put 10% of our sales to a rocket. When you get a rocket and launch it to the moon, you'll immediately receive the deposit.
For more information on our game, please read our blog post.

- Endless quests: farm and mine various resources like trees, limestone or cement to earn game coins by completing various quests.
- Collect and build world heritages: with the coins you earn, you can build and collect world-famous landmarks or skyscrapers such as Disney Land, Eiffel Tower, Burj Khalifa, and more!
- Trade system: you can trade your beloved buildings with EOS. You can simply name the price and earn EOS by posting the sale on the market.
- Reward sharing: we put 10% of our game's EOS income to the rocket. If you get a rocket, you'll receive the accumulated amount of EOS.
- Expandable land area fixes.