Download TapTube - Music Video Rhythm Game Cheat APK MOD

Download TapTube - Music Video Rhythm Game Cheat APK MOD

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Free Download TapTube - Music Video Rhythm Game cheat tool APK MOD

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TapTube - Music Video Rhythm Game is a well-liked Music online gaming available in the market that is published by SmartPlayland. This company design great deal of great games. If you're a fan of Music Game apps, I feel there is no doubt that you will love to play this TapTube - Music Video Rhythm Game wonderful game.

TapTube - Music Video Rhythm Game - An Overview

Do you want to experience the differentiated rhythm game?
Please forget about the uniformed games with limited source.
Watch, listen, and feel the music and share it all around the world in TAPTUBE!
In TAPTUBE, the music with pleasant memories and beautiful stories of users will be delivered to you.
Just listen the music cannot satisfy your sensitivity.
With movie-like music videos, upgrade your sensitivity more and more.

TAPTUBE will produce your favorite youtube videos for you to enjoy more fun.
We recommend this game to the one who quickly feel tired when they play in framework.
Anyone can direct their own rhythmical, dynamic production in TAPTUBE.
Share your idea and rhythmical sense to all around the world!
You can be the best creator of TABTUBE.
With TAPTUBE, the five senses and emotion will be fulfilled and improved.
Brushing away your stress with TAPTUBE!

■ Rhythm game with video ■
Forget about the sound based rhythm games!
TAPTUBE provides not only sound, but also youtube video with it.
We bet you couldn’t feel bored while playing rhythm game, watching video, listening to the music concurrently.

■ Real-time streaming note ■
Smart TAPTUBE can analyze any soundtrack.
Can I play this old music? How about this one?
Don’t worry!
TAPTUBE can provide sensational note to you as long as the soundtrack exists.

■ Recommend, Favorite, Ranking ■
When you cannot select which one to play, just loot at the recommendation list!
Enjoy the new game from video list which updated everyday.
Do you want to own the music and note? Add them to your favorite list!
The favorite list will keep your vids and notes safely so you could play it anytime you want.

■ Let’s play it variously, with various configurations! ■
It’s too hard! Too easy!!
Wait a sec! Did you heard about the configurations?
TAPTUBE provides configuration options to change game speed, number of line, long note on/off, slide note on/off, etc.
The player can change the configurations to take their choice like order-made.
TAPTUBE set itself to the player, not set the player to the game.
Let’s set the personalized configurations and enjoy the TAPTUBE!

■ Your own notes! Custom note function ■
The current one is too boring. Can’t I make my own notes?
To the one who has such question, we recommend you to use the custom function of TAPTUBE!
Feel free to make your own notes for the youtube video you want!
The unique stage in the world is prepared for you!
Custom and share the music which has your story and memory, all over the world!!

※ This app can only play the vids which permitted by the YouTube API, and only work with streaming.
※ Minimum requirement : Android 4.0+
※ Wi-Fi environments is recommended, due to the feature of this game.
It is impossible to cancel the accounting about the one generated by user selection.
Minor bug fixes.

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