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Scorer - Sport Predictions 1.1.0 screenshots 1


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Scorer - Sport Predictions 1.1.0 - An Overview

Are you a scorer?
Know the results of the upcoming match day when everyone else is wrong? Love sport predictions, but don’t want to gamble?
Create football prediction pools and challenge your friends to score more than you!
You can choose a pre-set pool template from the “Instant pools” or create your own customized pool.
Predict the right match result and win score points!
Score even more points when predicting the exact result. To spice things up - the more goals scored - the more score points you get.
So, are you a top scorer?

Join our public pools
Scorer offers you public pools from football leagues around the globe. Open your sports bags, claim your gold coins for free and join the competition against scorers around the world.
You can find our hot pools in the Home screen. The full list of pools appears on the Pools screen, in the public tab.

Play exclusive pools
Most of our public pools offer virtual gold and gems as prizes. Our exclusive ones offer much more. Unlock exclusive pools by moving up the Scorer ladder.
* Bug fixes
* Added pool's daily summary