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FIGHT KNIGHTS REVIVAL 1.0 screenshots 1


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In a land that was annihilated by a legendary curse, the Emperor and his Kingdoms have been trying to rebuild and reclaim their land from the hands of the Evilness. The Emperor has sent out his guide Elspeth to help new players along the way to help in the conquest. Simply put, the last Emperor has sent a message with the guide to give to all who play. The message states: "Darkness has fallen, troop deaths honored... Go forth in Battle brothers and sisters! FIGHT for a righteous cause! United together with ONE mindset ONE Ultimate Quest...FIGHT KNIGHTS! Only the strong will prevail and join me in reclaiming what is rightfully ours! Not all will make it but bloodshed will be honored in glorious battles and all deaths remembered. Today and every day forward we will FIGHT and one day we will be...VICTORIOUS over the Evilness. "
Changes with this update:
- Quality and Sounds settings now available under More Menu.
- Bug Fixes & UI Changes.