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ドラゴンハンターCOOP - 放置で強くなるオートプレイ&鍛錬 1.1.39 screenshots 1


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ドラゴンハンターCOOP - 放置で強くなるオートプレイ&鍛錬 1.1.39 - An Overview



◆◇ドラハンのココがスゴイっ! ◆◇
▼1 アバターがスゴイっ!

▼2 ボイスがスゴイっ!

▼3 リアルタイムバトルがスゴイっ!

▼4 やりこみ要素がスゴイっ!

▼5 コミュニティがスゴイっ!

▼6 闘技場バトルがスゴイっ!

<<<< プレイヤーの声 >>>>
- 片手で簡単に遊べるから最近スマホでゲームを始めた私にも抵抗なく楽しめました(30代男性)
- 戦う系のゲームはあんまり好きじゃなかったんだけど、これはアバター可愛いから好きかも(10代女性)
- ゲーム自体はシンプルなんだけど実は奥が深くてやりこみ要素も多いっすね(20代男性)
- ゲーム内で出会った仲間と競い合いながら強くなるのが何より楽しい(40代男性)
- 主に暇つぶし目的なんで、これくらいが俺にはぴったりなんだよね(30代男性)
- 強くなるのは難しそうだから、私にはアバターとチャットだけでいいかな(20代女性)
- 私のギルドメンバーが強くなっていくのを見るのが楽しいです(40代男性)

<<< 開発者の声 >>>


[Because super beginners are in action! ! ]
★ If you register now, it will be confirmed in a 48 hour fever time! ! ★
★ In addition, there is a free 10 consecutive gachas for guerrillas every day! ★

誰 Anyone easy real-time battle with 3 buttons!
協力 Cooperation play is too fun, is this SNS which can no longer fight? !
ワ ク Exciting communication colored with voices of luxurious voice actors
組 み 合 わ せ The combination of avatars that makes communication fun is almost endless!

◆ コ コ Dorahan's Coco is amazing! ◆ ◇
▼ 1 Avatar is amazing!
Dorahan's avatar is a combination of one boat! You can change the voice as well as the face and hairstyle. You too fashionable and adventurous!
※ 1 billion = 1 trillion times 100 million times

▼ 2 Voice is amazing!
Gorgeous famous voice actors participate in chat voice! Set your favorite voice as an avatar and it's a dream contest!
グ ラ ン Granguild Instructor Klaus (CV. Hikaru Midorikawa)
精 The spirit of light ・ Paruru (CV. Yui Ogura)
少年 The boy in the information shop · Seeka (CV. Ryohei Kimura)
Others, more than 50 people in all!

▼ 3 Real-time battle is amazing!
The battle system stuck to real time is the level that feels the breath of the fellow! Gather fellows who are in love and challenge the evil dragon!

▼ 4 It is amazing that the elements are perfect!
As a heavy gamer, try to build your own with countless equipment x skills!

▼ 5 The community is amazing!
Join the guild and meet the best friends!

▼ 6 A battlefield battle is great!
Involuntarily addicted to the real-time action battle that was unlikely!

<<<< Player's Voice >>>>
-Since I can play easily with one hand, I enjoyed without a resistance to me who recently started the game on a smartphone (male in 30s)
-I didn't really like fighting games, but I like this because they are cute avatars (teen women)
-The game itself is simple, but in fact it is deep and has many elements to play with (male in 20s)
-Above all, it's fun to get stronger while competing against friends you meet in the game (man in his 40s)
-It's mainly for killing time, so this is perfect for me (man in 30s)
-I think it's difficult to get stronger, so I just need to chat with my avatar (female in twenties)
-It's fun to see my guild members get stronger (man in 40s)

<<< voice of developer >>>
Thank you for reading the description so far!
The problem is not what to hunt. Who do you hunt with?
Find a good companion with Dorahan!

■ Price
App body: free
※ There are some paid items.

■ Recommended environment
android 4.3 or later
※ Because we can not do support, compensation, etc. other than the recommended terminal, please understand.
※ In order to enjoy the game comfortably, we recommend playing in the Wi-Fi environment.
* The game may not operate smoothly depending on the environment and terminal usage.
Quit the app, turn off the terminal, there is a possibility to improve by such as cache clear.
※ Please check the terms and conditions from "Menu" in the app before using.
※ Store information may include equipment to be implemented and those under development.
※ We mounted the arena (2016/12)
※ We improved trouble of battle log response (2017/3)
- 運営メンバー一同 -