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蒼焔の艦隊 2.10.0 screenshots 1
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蒼焔の艦隊 2.10.0 screenshots 2
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蒼焔の艦隊 - An Overview







大和 武蔵 長門 金剛 アイオワ ビスマルク

信濃 加賀 赤城 大鳳 エンタープライズ アーク・ロイヤル

高雄 妙高 最上 羽黒 鈴谷 プリンツ・オイゲン

夕張 大淀 神通 矢矧 北上 大井

雪風 島風 時雨 夕立 綾波 フレッチャー 

伊400 伊401 伊58 ヴェンチャラー アーチャーフィッシュ

松本保典 堀内賢雄 稲田徹 中田譲治 神田沙也加
沢城みゆき 坂上みき 他

佐橋俊彦 (アニメ『ジパング』)
ガブリエル・ロベルト (映画『嫌われ松子の一生』)

▼VP・OP ムービー
岩本晶 (映画『シン・ゴジラ』 CGディレクター)
From Japan
A real sea battle game with gorgeous voice actors and staff comes up!

In 1939, while the world was wrapped in the war of World War II,
An unknown fleet suddenly emerges and starts an indiscriminate attack-one called the fleet a "shadow fleet".
In order to compete against the "shadow fleet", each country temporarily suspended the battle and jointly established the "flint fleet,"
Start an anti-attack operation.

【Game introduction】
Of course, military fleets such as warships, of course, are also in the fleet of whales,
It is full of elements that can be passionate even if you like authentic SLG!

■ More than 200 ships appeared
Precisely reproduce various ships in the world in 3D!
Let's organize your own strongest fleet!

■ Overwhelming beautiful graphics
Heated battles are produced in full 3D graphics.
Let's enjoy the full-fledged real sea battle!

■ How to play is up to you
In addition to the shooting mode where you can enjoy the diorama of your favorite ship,
Compete with other players, sometimes cooperate with other modes, etc.
A lot of content that can be played repeatedly is also available!

[Appeared ships (part)]
▼ Battleship
Yamato Musashi Nagato Kongo Iowa Bismarck

▼ Aircraft carrier
Shinano Kaga Akagi Daisuke Enterprise Arc ・ Royal

▼ Heavy cruiser
Kaohsiung Myoko Highest Haguro Suzuya Prinz Eugen

▼ Light cruiser
Yubari Otsugu Shinto Yaho Kitakami Oi

▼ Destroyer
Yukikaze Island Wind Shigure Yudachi Ayanami Fletcher

▼ Submarine
Italy 400 Italy 401 Italy 58 Venturer Archer Fish

[Cast ・ staff (random order, honorific title abbreviation)]
▼ voice appearance
Yasunori Matsumoto Ken Horiuchi Toru Inada Joji Nakata Saya Kanda
Miyuki Sawashiro Miki Sakagami Other

▼ Music
Toshihiko Sahashi (Anime "Zipang")
Gabriel Roberto (The movie "Happiness is the life of Matsuko")

▼ VP ・ OP movie
Akira Iwamoto (CG director of the movie "Shin Godzilla")