Aladdin: Lamp Guardians Cheat APK MOD Download 1.0.0

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Aladdin: Lamp Guardians - An Overview

Join players worldwide into a splendid world - Aladdin: Lamp Guardian!
Here you could experience your life as a hero, choose the skills and abilities to shape your character, collect fantastic pets, craft super gears and equip yourself or even sell them to others and make money! Immerse in fabulous stories and maps, team up with friends to defeat boss, indulge yourself in our all-new battle system including PVP and PVE and more miracles waiting for you to explore!

And most importantly, we promise not to ruin your interests like those boring war games, we will bring you an open-world! The ever first Arab style 3D RPG Mobile Game! Download today and let your magic trip begin!


8 Characters, 9 Tribes, whole new RPG experience, Choose your fate!
• Desert Hero, Windy Girl, Destroyer, Mist Beauty, Conqueror, Swordsmaster, Son of Cadent, Eminence. Who is your favourite? And who would you like to choose as yourself in this magic world?
• Warrior, Inquisitor, Guardian, Shaman, Doctor, Fighter, Warlock, Ranger, Marauder. Each tribe has a different level of assigned attributes along with a unique skill.

Fantastic Pets All Here In Aladdin's World.
• Find and collect lovely pets hidden somewhere on the map, take them with your journey and let them aid you in the battle.

Craft Your Super Weapons and Gears.
• As you go to upper levels, you would be much more desire for top weapons and gears. Collect all the resources you need and enhance them!

Dream To Be A Rich Man? Free Trade Allows You To Make Money!
• If you have gears or pets but happened not to need them, then sell them in Bazaar !!! If you are a pro at crafting gears and taming pets, you could choose to become the best craftsman in service, everyone will come to you with gold!

Turn-Based, Multi-Mode Combat, PVP, PVE, GVG, MMORPG, Let's battle to the Top!!!
• Rally up with other players to fight side by side in Co-Op multiplayer mode. Enjoy the best MMORPG for Arab.
• Join a Guild and clash against other players in competitive battles.

Never Will You Feel Boring With Us, Events, And Quests to Kill Your Time.
• Main quests lead you to explore the world and help you upgrade like a real hero; Tribe Quests give you a chance to prove yourself and let your name be known by all your people, Alliance Quests connect you with your allies tightly.
• Plenty of events scheduled daily and as per Arab holidays, don't miss any chance to win you more rewards.
• Climb the ranks as you take down challenges so everyone will recognize your legacy! You’ll earn mighty rewards along the way.

Dive into The Epic Story Line, Enjoy The Splendid Magic World!
• Delve into destiny as a Lamp Guardian, experience life as a true Arab hero.
• Uncover the mystery surrounding your hero’s past, join the forces to save the realm from evil Genie.

Make More Friends!
• Having many opportunities to meet and socialize with others while wandering the cities or while conducting less-dangerous business—like upgrading gears, crafting items, or forming groups for their next adventure.
• Chat with friends, squads, allies, tribes or even random players in the world! Hello Aladdin World ~

Kind of Don't Know How to Play? Have Some Issue in the game? Let Us Help You!
• For FAQ, we offer 2 choices, first, you could go to Lamp Genie, put your question there, he tells you everything you need! Or easily tap Tutorial, it will guide you to upgrade rapidly!
• For any in-game issue, raise your problem by ticket, the reply will be 100% prompt and helpful!

Free Download today to enjoy this fabulous Arab MMORPG adventure! And this is not only a game but also an open-world we created for those who dreamed to live freely and happily! Rub your Lamp, let the adventure begin!

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