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Nemexia Companion App - An Overview

The Official Nemexia Companion App is the best way to play the game when you are on the go.

Western Server: Ares
International Server: Horus
Eastern Server : Jarilo
Endless Server: Odin
Multiaccounting : Americo Server
No Planet Destruction: Mask

The companion app will allow you to:

- See Incoming Attacks
- Build and Upgrade Buildings
- Upgrade Sciences
- Build your Fleets & Defenses
- Upgrade your Ships
- Do Space Trips for Safety

Buildings: Upgrade your Metal#1, Mineral #1, and Gas#1 buildings to level 10 in order to have more resources and unlock other buildings. Always keep an eye on the energy levels (first screen flash sign) and upgrade your Infrared and Uranium based plants accordingly.
Upgrade your population building to increase your population. Upgrade your storage facilities to have save more resources.

Research : Upgrade your research sciences to unlock faster acquisition of resources, improve ship armaments and defenses. Don't forget to upgrade your ecology science in order to keep ozone levels safe.

Ships: Build your ships as needed. You need to upgrade your sciences and your advanced buildings in order to build complex ships.

Defense: Build your Turrets to defend your planet. However it is well-known that the best cannons are the ones based on Ion-Plasma, Plasma-Laser, and the Laser-Ion types.

Upgrades: You need Upgrade points accumulated by attacking the renegades using your web-based account. Then you can use the app to upgrade your vessels. Upgrading transport ships will increase their carrying capacity while upgrading attacking vessels can inflict more damage and withstand ferocious attacks. Upgrade the rest of the buildings to improve your research, ships building ability, upgrades, and defenses.

Missions: The current mission allowed is Space Trip. Choose the time of your space trip from 10 min, 20 min, 2hr, 4hr, 8hr and 16 hr. The ships will automatically take the maximum allowed of resources when leaving your planet.

Attacks: When attacked, your planet will turn Red but will only show if the app is being played. No phone notifications are currently implemented.

Good luck Commander in your Space Quest

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