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Free Download ⚡Intersection - 3D Puzzle Game⚡ cheat APK MOD

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⚡Intersection - 3D Puzzle Game⚡ is probably the most popular Strategy game app that are available that is published by Mobilegion. This company build lot of great games. Even if you are fan of Strategy Gaming apps, I believe you will definitely like playing this ⚡Intersection - 3D Puzzle Game⚡ outstanding game.

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⚡Intersection - 3D Puzzle Game⚡ - An Overview

Intersection is a fascinating, joyous and amazing 3D Puzzle game.
Intersection is a casual puzzle game that pushes your sense of synchronization and timing.

In every tap, you just have to feel the frequence of the paths and loopers. By the time you will find increasingly complex paths. If you send your looper at the wrong time, they will crash and end the loop.
Every path is linked to each other with a magnificent harmony. Send your loopers at correct time and experience the simple satisfaction of looping harmony.

There are a lot of unique levels, each designed to sooth and satisfy your puzzling needs.

Intersection is a 3D Puzzle game that you can never experience again.

Game Features:
⚡ Endless puzzle satisfaction
⚡ Try to send "loopers" to complete the puzzle.
⚡ You have to choose the best strategy for you
⚡ Leaderboard. Connect and play with other players
⚡ Social Media. You can share your thoughts on social media.
⚡ Unique and endless levels for your satisfaction
⚡ Each level has different colored lines and paths.
⚡ Joyous and sooth adventure with unique characters.
⚡ Simple, unique, endless and joyous adventure

⚡ Simple And Basic Gameplay.
⚡ On each level players have to send their unique characters without colliding each other.
⚡ Tap button to send characters.
⚡ If they complete the adventure without colliding each other, you win the game.

Unique And Key Features:
⚡ Extremely relaxing gameplay: No time limit. No limit. It is time to relax with this beautiful strategy game without rush.
⚡ There are many puzzles you can solve! Test your intelligence and uncover all unique levels.
⚡Great works of art for all ages!
⚡ Don't worry if you can't solve a puzzle, you can skip them if you bored.
⚡ We offer energic background music.
⚡ 3D unique puzzles
⚡ There are a Lot of challenging chapters to beat
⚡ Many achievements to complete.

Can you solve all the puzzles? Come on play and relax.
* Minor Bugs Fixed
* Tutorial improved