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Global War Simulation WW2 Strategy War Game is probably the most well-liked Strategy Android game in the market that is published by MH Strategy War Games. This company develop a lot of great games. If you are a fan of Strategy Games, I know you will the same as this Global War Simulation WW2 Strategy War Game unique game.

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Global War Simulation WW2 Strategy War Game - An Overview

Global War Simulation, the best strategy war game on mobile

If you want to specialize in war and strategy games, join us.


    ● Manage your country on espionage, economy, taxes, investment, research, operation center, country management, war, media, security and many other issues.
    ● Add agents to countries.
    ● Collect military and economic intelligence on countries.
    ● Get military, economic, political, intelligence, war, reports from all over the world.
    ● Develop strategies and manage your people.
    ● Attack the country you want and conquer the world.
    ● Invade countries by land operations.
    ● Arrange air attacks.
    ● Make peace agreements.
    ● Do cyber attacks to countries.
    ● Apply tax to your people.
    ● Develop your country by doing research.
    ● Clear enemies in your country.
    ● Make investments in your country.
    ● Advanced artificial intelligence system.
    ● Different currency of each country.

USA, Russia, China, Turkey, North Korea, South Korea, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, India, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Spain, Egypt, Japan,
Brazil, Canada, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Romania, Ukraine, Ireland, Poland, Jordan, Nigeria, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Switzerland, Australia, Malaysia, Taivan, Singapore

    ● Infantry
    ● Commando
    ● SAS
    ● SAT
    ● Delta Force
    ● Navy Seal
    ● etc ...
    ● Armored Vehicles
    ● Howitzer
    ● Tanks
    ● Helicopter
    ● Fighter Aircraft
    ● Bomber Aircraft
    ● Battleship
    ● Submarine
    ● Aircraft Carrier
    ● Ballistic Missiles

    ● Air Defense Systems
    ● Espionage Technologies
    ● Population
    ● Factories
    ● Industry
    ● etc ...

    ● WEAPON
    ● HEALTH
    ● R & D
    ● etc ...

Conquer the world with constantly updated game mechanics.
Global War Simulation is a very successful game in the categories of modern war game, military strategy game, tycoon games and country simulation games on mobile phones.

★ Support
Your opinion about the game is very important to us.
If you like our game and you can support us to help improve.
You can reach us from the comment section and e-mail address.
You can contact us via this address for any problems and suggestions.

★ Privacy Policy

★ Upcoming Updates

- World Map Added.
- 11 New State Added.
- 5 New Mine Added.
- Automatic production from factories.
- You can send trade requests to all countries at the same time.
- Other states will propose reasonable prices when buying products.
- Added Game Guide.
- Problems with award-winning videos have been completely fixed.

Gift Code: B3D4V4

Next Update: 10.06.2019
Under Construction> Unions, Tourism, Secret Facilities

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