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Galactic Frontline:リアルタイム SFストラテジーゲーム is one of the most widely used Strategy game in the market that is published by NetEase Games. This company program a great deal of great games. Assuming you are a fan of Strategy Game apps, I know you will definitely like to play this Galactic Frontline:リアルタイム SFストラテジーゲーム wonderful game.

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Galactic Frontline:リアルタイム SFストラテジーゲーム - An Overview







NetEase global matching Star Wars smartphone game "Galactic front line" was the theme of interstellar SF, it is a 3D live-action style of real-time strategy game (RTS). The player Terran, Ansari, selected from three of the galaxy future races and one neutral race android Zorutarian, by placing their own fleet and combat unit, matching confrontation in real time along with the companion of all the world, Game 1 5 minutes fight to fully. Because develop a strategy to send troops lineup, you do not have to maneuver the fighter alone! Interstellar commander of everyone, we expect to epic battle that you face!

Features of the game]

1, global! Real-time matching of the same server game
      The NetEase's first global synchronized release, is the game all over the world the same server. The game shatters the limitations of the local server in the real sense, is attractive to enjoy the matching confrontation in real time as much as possible all players around the world. Game black technology "Google real-time translation" is built into, and at the same time remove obstacles on the language, by cooperation corps, global chat, and systems such as friends, tactical exchanges, friends search, search of the vast galaxy world There you can enjoy more willingly.

2, pleasure! Game 1 5 minutes, Madokaya
       Anytime, anywhere PVP Battle, blitzkrieg, mood refreshing. In addition, the ladder, competitions, and special modes such as Story, ship training system is also available, PVE, PVP from two of the playing method, maximum up the game of the player to experience.

3, shook! IMAX level lyrical space battle
       3D three-dimensional space war, we have to reproduce the interstellar war scene in the real. Real-time realistic 3D space path-finding, not a board game-type turn-based. By beautiful screen depiction, the video of the beautiful journey in the game will be expanded.

4, firepower! Huge vessels of steel is hard-fought infinite
      Crisis of Issaku, fleet simultaneously firing! Genuine space battle, experience the achievement of the universe domination! Each of the main ship, destroyers, complete and unique animation effect on the combat unit. Confrontation with the different tribes of the fleet, brilliant staged fierce battle of pleasure by ruse confrontation, is between passion swirling Star Wars at your fingertips.

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