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Egypt: Old Kingdom - An Overview

Egypt: Old Kingdom is now available in GooglePlay! Download now and play the first 53 turns for free! Get the full version and discover the history of Ancient Egypt in all its glory.

Build and develop Memphis, the ancient capital of Egypt. Provide enough resources for your city, deal with friendly and hostile neighbors, broaden your state, send expeditions to faraway lands, and build the Great Pyramids! The mighty Gods of Egypt are watching and guiding your every step, so remember to show them your respect and gratitude, and they will lead your Old Kingdom to prosperity!

*Doesn't require an online connection to play!
*Includes all of the campaigns and modes of the PC version!


You are one of the multitudes of incarnations of the great Horus, and side by side with the pharaohs, you are fighting against the mighty Seth, who unleashes numerous disasters upon the lands of Ancient Egypt. Win wars and overcome crises, discover new technologies, worship your gods and conquer neighboring tribes! Are you wise enough to help the ancient kings to unify Lower and Upper Egypt, build a stable economy and to erect the Great Pyramids?

You will find yourself in Memphis, 3500-2140 years B.C., the time of the first six dynasties of pharaohs. You will unify the country and create a prosperous kingdom, which later will have to face the havoc of the First Intermediate Period.

You will lead the construction of pyramids, choose their design and materials. This process requires tremendous investments, but it is the only way to keep peace and order in the country.

You will not only deal with the problems of farmers and craftsmen but also make important political decisions, which will define the future of the kingdom. Numerous challenges and events of different scale await you.

Discover the world of the Old Kingdom: exploit new lands, send expeditions to different places, and meet different cultures. Use every opportunity to learn about your surroundings and to expand Egypt's borders.
Version 2.0.0n:
The loading of the game is improved.
Prologues are now available for the free version.
Added a window about free version's limitations
Minor bugs are fixed.

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