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Cola Drinks Shop - An Overview

This is a click screen surprise entertainment game.
Each one of casual app is full of entertaining, there are unique surprise pictures Oh!

This is a virtual cola app. Shake the cola in your phone. It must be shaken to the point where it is crazy at any moment. It may take a long time, because it is a game that kills time, but it also contains special The surprise exists, you will like him, shaking the cola will make you addicted, be careful not to play the phone for too long!

The following random drink surprise pictures may be obtained in the game, because it is a surprise, so I can't say which one to get.

Tea: wheat tea, white tea, green tea, yellow tea, green tea (oolong tea), black tea, black tea, milk tea.
Juices: orange juice, apple juice, lemon juice, grape juice, mango juice, pineapple juice.
Carbonated drinks: soda, SARS
Drinking water: mineral water, pure water
Coffee: latte, American coffee, mocha, small fruit coffee, fruit coffee, big fruit coffee, high-yield coffee
Others: milk, soy milk, honey water, sports drinks, cocoa (chocolate), white cocoa, vanilla cocoa, lactic acid drinks, and more.

Waiting for you to play!

Introduction to the game:
* Constantly shake the middle of the drink.
*When you shake to a certain number of times, you will get a surprise picture
* Collect all the drinks pictures to quench your thirst!

Enjoy the beverages in this beverage store. What kind of mysterious surprises will you get? Only the people who have played know that the deliciousness and rhythm of the drinks are absolutely delicious, absolutely delicious, and absolutely amazing. Come and play.

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