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Carrot Fantasy is a widely used Strategy gaming available in the market that is published by Shenzhen Mili Hudong. This company build large amount of great games. If you're a fan of Strategy Gaming apps, I know you will love to play this Carrot Fantasy wonderful game.

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Carrot Fantasy - An Overview

The best single-player games do not use the Internet, tower defense game free game, game simple puzzle for all ages, the game by Summoning Magic heroes and building defense towers together to defend the enemy's attack, defense castle is your mission, the Empire is your strategy, and so on, download the best single-player tower immediately Let's play games.

Strategic Tower Defense Game by building defense turrets to defend and war zombies, to protect your plants (radishes) are not eaten, successfully defend the plants in the home, the success of defense can pass! This strategy tower defense game has a huge map, a lot of monsters, dazzling attack effects, let you experience the same tower defense game in different fun! In order to defend your radish, you must plant all kinds of turrets on the road that the monster must go through. Different lanes have different effects. Lightning, freezing, deceleration, dizziness and other effects can make you kill monsters! The game is carried out in a checkpoint mode. The level of difficulty is gradual. Different styles of checkpoints are waiting for you to challenge.

[game features]
Classic inheritance, comprehensive innovation - the most innovative hand travel masterpiece. In addition to protecting radish, the game can also experience the unique game mode in the game. No nets can play, anytime, anywhere can continue to take risks!
Brand new map, experience upgrade - new map collective appearance, new turret come to help.
Tricks, radish adventure - tricks, challenge, upgrade
Heroic Development and Pleasure - The unique summoning hero system in the game allows you to replace different hero guard bases
The picture is exquisite and aestheticism, the operation method is simple and quick, and the background music is powerful. From the beginning when the player has only a small number of turrets, to slowly upgrade the turret and defeat wave after wave of enemies, your enemies will also improve their skills and weapons in the process, the game will be more difficult as the game progresses. Players' skills and decisions will determine their own survival. The game features unique heroes, a variety of novel props, and a number of interesting feature levels. Come and experience the pleasure of the game.
1. The picture is clearer.
2. Repair known bugs.