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Free Download Battleland Cheat APK MOD

Free Download Battleland Cheat APK MOD

Free Download Battleland cheat APK MOD

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Battleland - An Overview

Battleland is an RPG with fun and unique gameplay. You will need to create your own army from numerous character classes and lead them in fierce real-time battles against monsters. Gameplay consists of managing a four-member party through various battles.

Playing through the game slowly unlocks additional classes available via an in-game tavern where they can be hired. As you progress in the game, intense micromanagement is required of each of these types of classes. As your characters level up, every five levels they unlock an additional pair of abilities that you must choose from.

As you begin to master micromanaging your party, the game throws curveballs at you in the way of challenging boss battles.

Are you ready to form your own victorious party of heroes and lead them against numerous monsters?

Game features:
- Fun and unique gameplay
- Touch-based battle management
- Customize your characters via various abilities
- Challenging boss battles
- Fantastic cartoony graphics
- Over 100 unique items to collect
- 30+ level campaign