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Three Kingdoms Legend-Free Strategy Game Role Play is probably the most favorite Strategy gaming app available in the market that is published by Doudouyou Software. This company build large amount of great games. Assuming you are a fan of Strategy Game apps, I feel you are sure to like playing this Three Kingdoms Legend-Free Strategy Game Role Play unique game.

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Three Kingdoms Legend-Free Strategy Game Role Play - An Overview

【Introduction to the Game】

1、Free PVP battle mode. Player can conquer the world or take your own country as a subordinate. Sweep all and overawe the world.

2、Game battleground assembly hundreds of thousands of people. Alliance war, fight for cities, super fierce. All realistic images of three kingdoms battle are in a glance.

3、Collecting heroes and strategists to enhance the lord’s capacity. Experience the excitement of conquering city and destroying enemies with Zhang Fei and Guan Yu.

4、Once being tired of cruel war practice, you may retire as hermit. Plough ground, mining, hunting and play relaxing games to reserve resources.

5、Unique mentor-mentee system, conquer the world together with mentors and men-tees.

6、300+ original portraits of 3 kingdoms hero. Various arrays, unique forces, combination of multiple skills. Experience the happiness of strategic mobile game.

【Introduction to the Game】

《Rule the 3 Kingdoms》in Reality is a mobile game themed around the epic three kingdoms. In the end of east Han Dynasty, heroes arise, the world is divided into 3 parts. Who will run the world? It has rich hero skills, array combination. Player can be lord and lead heroes based on their preferences, sweep away enemies, play their cards right, and rule the world. High definition images restore the city arrangement and alliance war in 3 kingdoms. Players can experience the rise and fall here. During war, will you choose to fight to the end or take one step back, ally with members to fight together? You decide the destiny of 3 kingdoms. Control the situation and win the war. It is all on you!

【Uniqueness of the Game】

*Win by Playing the Cards Right, Lead Force With Wisdom*

The game has both classic and unique strategy system. Various arrays constrains each other. Player can win by arranging arrays and deploying force, optimize the combination of hero and skills. First attack can win extra damage. Lord can study hundreds of strategies with wisdom. Mentor-mentee system can change war situation. Farming and hunting make the game more realistic and funny.

*Training into Top Hero, Unique Force Stand out*

Famous heroes from three kingdoms: Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Quan, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, Zhao Yun and etc are waiting to be recruited. Perfect hero training system: comprehend multiple attributes, fast raising experience by instruction. Brand-new hero system, with optimal force combination can definitely sweep away all enemies. Yuyang strike cavalry, voluntary accompany in Baima, tiger cavalry and lots of unique forces, conquer enemies’ cities, pass hundreds of copies skillfully.

*Magic for Equipment Smelting, Inlaid Gem Win Extra Force*

Show flayer, azure dragon blade and lots of weapons realistically. Brand new system to build and manifest weapons, elevate the attribute of equipment. Gem helps to elevate equipment. Assist in chaos to disturb, immune from attack to reduce damage, ATK DEF stone win extra damage, forcing move win more victories.

*Farming and Hunting Are Relaxing, Easy Way for Resources*

Devoting lives when conquer the world, store food in cease-fire. It not only has passionate battles but also relaxing games. You can deploy heroes do farming to store food. Heroes can raise experience and capacity by hunting. Mining can win money of war.

*Classic PVE,PVP Player Exchange, Build Brotherhood Relation*

Classic PVE Battle: Copies replaying the history, world with vast territory. Innovative PVP mode: War between red and blue alliance. Forming groups and fight for cities. Leading his team, Lord starts at Guanyang bridge and sweep away all enemies. In the world, players build brotherhood relations, students from Imperial college cook the plum wine. Million of force are ready for war. Flames of war are everywhere. The destiny of 3 kingdoms is in your hand!
Welcome to Three Kingdoms! Create your own kingdom now...

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