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Paragon Kingdom: Arena - An Overview

Control epic heroes on the battlefield in the Mobile RTS Paragon Kingdom: Arena the Real-Time PvP combat game of skill and strategy. In a land torn asunder by the conflict of three ancient factions, your skill as a commander will determine the outcome of countless battles! Smite your enemies, protect your allies and tear into those who oppose you in the Arena of Paragons!

Control the Battlefield
Guide your heroes’ every attack, skill, and movement in heated online PvP battles! Charge, flank, and outwit your opponents as you vie for control of resources and towers on a dynamic battlefield!

Assemble your Team
Construct your warband with over 1000 possible hero combinations. Skillfully consider spell combos that will overwhelm your enemies and surprise even the most vigilant of opponents! Choose from a wide array of archetypes: Tank, DPS, Support, and Hybrid to assure your victory before the battle has even begun!

Unleash Powerful Skills
Electrify your enemies with conjured storms, pull dark energies from the abyss, and bend the fabric of reality to protect your allies! In the Arena, your heroes can bring the forgotten power of the arcane and the raw might of cold steel down upon anyone who stands in your way!

Upgrade Everything
Use the spoils of war to improve your Heroes, Skills, Runes, Towers, and other structures! With strength comes wealth, and with wealth comes power!

Equip Powerful Runes
Improve your heroes further by equipping them with dozens of mystical runes! Improve their strength, defense, and abilities by customizing them to fit your playstyle. Or work towards powerful runewords that bestow unique abilities, and massive stat-boosts!

Play Your Way
Face the AI in quick frantic combat in the Skirmish mode! Or fight massive bosses for a chance at epic loot in Colossus mode!

Official Site:
Twitter: @NexusMediaLTD
Facebook: @NexusMediaLimited

Paragon Kingdom: Arena is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.
Now you can challenge your friends to battle in the arena via the Friends menu. Just tap the challenge button and an invite will be sent immediately. (Note: Only players who are online and not currently in a match can be challenged.) Beyond this we've also reworked Colossus mode to be more challenging, less tedious, and more rewarding! The mode has been re-scaled from 100 levels to 30, and now every level conquered gives a hefty reward chest!

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