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Navy1942 : Battle Ship - An Overview

* The server is beyond the boundaries of the most powerful server!
* Legion VS Legion's strategy is a tough strategy!
* Sea battle naval battle of different scale 1942 Season 2!

■■■ This Vent ■■■
▣ We will guide you through the first 7 days of the battle plan and pay you every day!
▣ First payment with the first charge gift is 3 times !!!
▣ We will give you a legendary battleship just by connecting.
Please check the official cafe for details of the event. Go !!!

■■■ Introduction to the game ■■■

▣ Reproduce realistic battleship of over 200 kinds!
- Realize real battleship in the background of World War II
- Midway, Super Yamato, Montenaho and other famous battleships around the world!

▣ Endless sea battle! Feel the reality beyond the limit!
- Implement realistic naval combat with real-time attack method.
- Introduced more than 20 combat simulation animations to keep the realistic battlefield situation intact!

▣ Country vs Country! It is the national pride of the nation!
- Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, etc.

▣ Mobile Strategy The end of the marine action game king!
- Based on scenarios that emphasize military strategy, the attacking direction is full of urgency and the thrilling blows.
- Build your own fleet and take over the maritime territory through bold tactics, highly strategic play!

▣ Fall into the history of World War II!
- Implemented the in-game stage through the history of World War II.
- Experience the real history of the war, including the Atlantic and Midway naval battles!

▣ Continuous content Strong scenario!
- Corps boss. General / elite dungeon, infinite wave, transport of goods, and more.
- Build your own ship through remodeling / cultivation / reinforcement / promotion and enjoy PVP full of excitement!

※ Terminal authorization request
- Use the storage rights of the device to utilize the captured image in the game.
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