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I Hacker - Password Game - An Overview

I Hacker - Password Game is a very addictive and funny guessing game in which you try to guess password of different people based on the given information.

You don’t have to be an experienced hacker to play this hack game. If you want to train your brain and have fun in a hacking environment you should definitely try this game!

This is not real password hacking, this is just an awesome guessing game!

* Hack Interface
* 3 Difficulty Modes & 60 levels
* Tutorial Video


Although this is not a real hacking, the minimalistic hack interface will make you feel like you were a real hacker and you will easily immerse yourself in this awesome guessing game and have fun.


I Hacker - Password Game offers three difficulty modes: easy, medium and hard. Each mode consists of twenty different levels. This means that in this hack game your task will be to guess the passwords of sixty different people based on the given information (name, birth date, hobbies, interests etc). You have five attempts in the easy/medium mode and six attempts in the hard mode. Once you complete all the twenty tasks from one mode you can proceed to the next one.

At first, it will be easier for you to guess password since it will usually consist of a combination of words and numbers from the target information, but later you will have to think outside the box since the levels will be more and more challenging making hacking more and more difficult.

REMEMBER: Don’t waste your attempts; try to guess password wisely! For example, identify the most frequent character or number from the target information and try it first.


Not sure how you should play I Hacker - Password Game? Don’t worry, because we provided a tutorial video with voice over in which you can find detailed instructions and an example of the best way to play this hack game and how to use your attempts wisely. Keep the tips in mind and let the adventure begin!


Easy mode – This is the mode with the easiest tasks. It is more like a warm-up mode that prepares you for the upcoming harder levels. Your task is to guess twenty easy passwords that consist mainly of the combination of the words and numbers from the target information. You have five attempts for each level.

Medium mode – Yes, you are done with the easy mode and the next mode is waiting for you. In this mode, you still have five attempts for hacking each password but the tasks are more complicated. Now the passwords may include different combinations of parts of the words, initials, or numbers from the target information.

Hard mode – Things are heating up in this mode! Once you have completed all the tasks from the easy and the medium mode you are ready for the next challenge – twenty hard levels. Now you can forget about simply combining letters with numbers. A little research job might be required too. Each piece of information should be studied carefully in order to find a hint that will help you guess password. You have six attempts for hacking each hard password.

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