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Game of Kings: The Blood Throne - An Overview

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne is a FREE mobile real-time strategy and simulation medieval war game where you fight armies, dragons, and monsters to achieve your destiny: to forge your empire and become the king.

Gather your resources, build your Empire, train your Warriors, enhance your city, prepare your defenses, join or create alliances, attack errand monsters, lead your armies, wage epic wars, use your strategy to outsmart your enemies and destroy them. Sit on the iron throne, forge your empire and dominate the kingdom!

GOK Features:
✔ Players vs. Players Epic Wars.
✔ Explore the world map, seek and attack many different monsters like Dragons, Minotaurs, Leviathans, Medusa, Gryphons, Goblins, Centaurs, Cyclops, Evil Reindeers, Anubis, Fenrir, Naga, and Hellhounds.
✔ Gather 6 different kinds of resources (food, iron, stone, wood, silver, and gold) to use to build and upgrade buildings, train armies, and research new technologies.
✔ Gather hundreds of thousands of soldiers among swordsman, archers, knights and siege machines, in 4 increasingly powerful tiers! Attack other players and defend your empire!
✔ Create or join alliances and wage war to other coalitions. Make friends with other players, develop together and fight your common enemies like brothers!
✔ Rally your guild friends and fight together!
✔ Forge Epic and Legendary weapons to become immensely powerful!
✔ Power up your Hero with 2 different skill trees system.
✔ Develop 142 different skills: War, Defense, Trade, Economy, Tactics and Construction skills.
✔ No language barriers! Talk to anyone freely with our real-time in chat translation of 34 different languages.
✔ Frequent events with free gifts and engaging activities.

Don’t miss the chance to forge your empire and become a legend.

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne is completely free to play; however, some items still can be purchased with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable this function in your device or the setting of store.
For any questions or comments, please contact us via Email:
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