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Alien Tower Defense - An Overview

Make yourself useful in this intergalactic battle where aliens invaded our planet and try to conquer it with any cost and because of that you have a specific role in this tower defense game. Use your strategic skills to create an infallible fortress and eliminate all that monsters that are coming to destroy your home. This means you have to build a variety of different structures that serve to automatically block, impede, attack or destroy invaders. Be careful because once a monster pass by it can ruin your hole plan, but you have only 10 lives so use them wisely. Choose a spot to place your towers and build a system to defense every inch of your space.

Use your resources and try to buy the best kind of tower , but to do that you have to watch at the price, the range and the damage it provoked. Find a way to cover as much space so you’ll be able to destroy those aliens with less effort. You can upgrade your weapons or you can buy another one, it depends pretty much on the strategy you choose to follow, but any strategy must be successful in order to save the world’s domination. When the waves come you have to be ready for any type of critical situations or you might end up besieged and even worst, killed by aliens. Each level has a different stage of difficulty and you have to be aware by the fact that aliens have a lot of tricks and they come in many, many shapes: bigger, smaller, stronger . Face them with intelligence and you’ll see that the victory belongs to you no matter what. This game is going to test your patience, devotion and your way to think about a war situation.

- Great graphics and music of space invaders
- Tactics, action, good graphics, easy playing
- Strategically designed levels
- Epic space battle
- Upgrades once you advance
- Free to play
- Variety of levels and monsters
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